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Change Team: 
On this page you will find information and forms for the trip to the Bahamas in 2014!  

Please download and complete the KSA permission forms and give to Lisa Norton or Ann Reese no later than January 27th.  They will be at CHS to collect the 2nd trip payment of $250 on the 27th from 5:30-7pm.

CLICK HERE for the KSA permission forms.


Hi Rebel Families,

     We are excited to be moving forward with our trip to the Bahamas.  You should have been contacted by KSA Events by now in regards to family/fans booking arrangements.  If not, please contact Alyssa Hatch at  , to make your family travel arrangements.  All player registration and payments are handled by Lisa Norton or Anne Reese.

Below is mportant  information about the trip:

  • Refund Protection:  We highly recommend that you consider KSA's Refund Guarantee Plan (RGP) for each person traveling.  If a player is ineligible academically or for disciplinary reasons at the end of this semester, they will not be able to go, if a player has an injury, decides to quit or you decide you no longer want to go, this plan  will refund your land package fees for any of these reasons.  The plan is $89.00 per person traveling and will be a separate transaction/invoice. You must purchase this insurance within 10 days of making your reservation. See the player permission form on our website for more information on the details of this plan.    This trip is a great opportunity for each athlete, the team and our school. It is a privilege to go!
    Coaches cannot be responsible for players that violate these conditions!  Please reminder your player of  the conduct code he signed at the beginning of this season.
  • Training Rule Violation:  Each player and parent signed this contract at the beginning of the season. This contract is year round for the players entire four years.  If an athlete violates the training rule contract between now and the trip, they will not be allowed to attend.  Please make wise choices.
  • Academics: Athletes that are Academically ineligible at the the end of the semester will not be allowed to attend.  Athletes may regain eligibility to participate in football, but will not be attending the Bahamas. Missing several days of school does not make sense for students that are struggling academically.
  • Commitment to Off-Season Programs: Our athletes must be committed to weight training, attending the 10 day summer camp, summer weights, and practices.  Once again, coaches are not going to be asked to take kids/student body on a vacation.  Make the commitment!
  • Weather:  if severe weather occurs (hurricane), the trip will be relocated to another one of KSA's many locations. The game will be played on the same dates, due to our schedule.
  • Passports:  It is extremely important that all players and fans traveling have a passport.  Please get this done soon, as current processing time is 4 weeks.  For those with passports, please check the expiration date.  Per USA regulations a passport cannot be with 6 months of expiration when traveling and will need to be renewed.                                                                                                                                                                                                               
  • Website: It is mandatory that all players going to the Bahamas complete the Bahamas registration form on our website
    www.columbinefootball.com.  This will allow us to accurately and effectively track passport numbers, and all completed documentation prior to traveling.  All communications for the trip will be made through the website based on the information provided.  So please go to our website and register. 
  • Payment Schedule: The next payment of $250.00 is due on Jan. 27th.  On the website you will  find the KSA player permission & RGP forms. Please print these out and complete and bring to Anne on the next payment collection date, Jan. 27th.  Anne will be at CHS on Jan. 27th from 5:30 - 7:00 pm in the front hall to accept payments. Monthly payments will be the 27th of each month. Fundraising accounts will be updated with new balances in the next few days on the website so you will know your balances prior to January's payment. Click here to print out forms     http://files.leagueathletics.com/Text/Documents/8860/46897.pdf

       We know many of you have questions about the trip, as we get closer to traveling, we will have several meetings to review expectations, behaviors, procedures and protocols.  As of now, it is important that we get an accurate account of all players/families

traveling so KSA can make airfare arrangements.  So please contact Alyssa if your family is traveling and complete the player forms on our website and turn them in as mentioned above.


Coach Lowry-Head Coach

Lisa Norton-Trip Coordinator