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Here's Your Chance to Support Columbine Football

Columbine is proud of it's football tradition with four 5A State Championships in the last 12 years!  This only happens with dedicated coaches and players as well as strong support from the community and alumni. 

To run a successful high school football program requires financial support and backing.  A portion of the funds comes from the Jefferson County School District.  The majority remainder of the cost becomes the responsibility of the booster clubs, parents and players. With budget cutbacks in school spending over the last decade for athletics and other school programs, it is now more important than ever for Rebelball to reach out to the community and alumni for additional support!

How are these funds spent?  To safely outfit a high school football team with the proper equipment, it costs approximately $800 per player.  A typical football helmet cost approximately $250-$300, shoulder pads are anywhere from $125-$350 each, jerseys are $97 each and every player needs two (one for home games and one for away games.)  To outfit a Varsity Team of 75 players with all their gear we are spending approximately $60,000.  
Columbine Football is a 501c3 nonprofit association and is very appreciative of your support and donations.