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 Rebelball 2023

I would like to begin by thanking all the coaches, players, families, administrators, teachers, parents and our entire community for the support these past 28 years. Mr. DeAngelis quotes “if you enjoy what you are doing, you will never work a day in your life.” God has blessed me with a wonderful job, school, family, and great people through the years. After 5 State Championships I want to thank everyone that has made these years such a success. I want to especially thank the group of young men that worked hard, committed themselves, and became the best team in the State of Colorado. I am very proud of that team and wish the class of 2022 the best of luck in their future.

I am extremely grateful for my assistant coaches. I believe I have the best group of assistant coaches in the state. They are not only great football coaches, but they are great men and great role models for young people. My assistant coaches and our players are the reasons for the successes we have had in the 28 years our staff has been at Columbine. Through these 28 years, this staff has compiled many league and state championships. I also need to thank Frank DeAngelis, KC Somers, Scott Christy, our administration and staff for their support.

I am looking forward to working with this group of young men. We have been very fortunate to have kids that work very hard in the weight room, classroom, and on the practice field. This work ethic has made the difference in our program over the years. This year’s team has had a great summer in the weight room, in 7 on 7 contests, and our linemen hosted the Ray Barron Hog Olympics. These groups of young men have been fun to be around and they believe in Rebelball. Many of these young men experienced the success of past playoff runs, but the team of 2021 faces the same challenges every other team in Colorado faces. Our goals have always been to be the best team this group of athletes can be and to work hard each and every week to see how far that takes us. We look forward to the challenges of a new league and carrying the “Torch of Tradition” that Columbine football has built.
Thanks again for your support and Go Rebels!